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Do you know what borderline glaucoma means? Have you or any of your acquaintances ever been alerted by a doctor that they may have borderline glaucoma?

Borderline glaucoma basically means a suspect of glaucoma. The likelihood of developing glaucoma in the future is higher for someone with borderline glaucoma. Your eye doctor may discover glaucoma symptoms in your eyes after examining them which makes you a suspect of glaucoma.

such a condition usually occurs if Your eye pressure is higher than usual, your optic nerve may contain a suspicious substance, or you may have a genetic predisposition to glaucoma.

The best eye doctor in Gwalior says there are a number of risk factors that could indicate glaucoma in a patient. These persons have an increased chance of eventually acquiring glaucoma.

Risk factors of borderline glaucoma

Your eye doctor will thoroughly examine your eyes, including the front and back of the eyes, corneal thickness, pupils, eye pressure, and vision. With the aid of a special mirror, the eye doctor will also assess your eyes’ drainage system.

The doctor will examine your family history of glaucoma in order to determine your risk factor, and depending on all of these factors, the doctor will give you a complete report and evaluate your risk of suffering borderline glaucoma.

All of these tests aid your doctor in figuring out whether you have any other glaucoma-related complications and how likely it is that you will in the future develop the disease. The ophthalmologist will also determine what kind of glaucoma you could have. It will enable him to properly diagnose you.

Treatment of borderline glaucoma

As you are simply a suspect of having glaucoma, your doctor is unsure whether to start treatment right away or to wait for more symptoms. The best treatment for borderline glaucoma is follow-up care.

The follow-up exams enable your eye doctor to assess your condition and make the appropriate diagnosis. Every time you see the eye doctor, they will examine your front and rear eyes as well as your vision and eye pressure.

The ophthalmologist will pay close attention to your optic nerve, and will also conduct many tests to look at its composition and how it works.

You can evaluate how your eyes’ health has changed or progressed with the aid of these exams. Eye drops and laser therapy are frequently used as part of the initial course of treatment to reduce eye pressure.

However, your doctor will only advise a course of treatment if your eye condition warrants it. If you pose little risk, they might only watch your eyes and provide you treatment advice later.


Borderline glaucoma is more like having initial symptoms of glaucoma. A borderline glaucoma patient is thought to develop glaucoma in the future. Therefore, it is crucial to keep up with follow-up appointments with your eye specialist. It enables you to treat glaucoma early and prevent vision loss.

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