RJN Eye Hospital – Equipped with Ultra Modern Facilities

  • Best in class services
  • Highest rated ophthalmologists and surgeons
  • 4+ star customer ratings and testimonials on Google+
  • For your visual and aesthetic needs, find a centre near you
  • Dedicated services for diagnosis and treatment
  • NABH pre accredited and CGHS approved


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LASIK Surgeon – With Over 30 Years of Practice

  • LASIK Surgery – Over 1,00,000 Happy Patients
  • Best standards of quality
  • Top rated center with 2,00,000+ successful surgeries
  • Highest rated center for vision problems
  • Most advanced diagnosis and treatment at affordable cost

Eye Specialist – Renowned Across The Globe

  • Best diagnostics and treatment facilities
  • Top rated doctors
  • Highest rated clinicians
  • Positive customer reviews on Google+
  • Get your vision corrected at a centre near you

Pediatric Ophthalmologist – Parent’s Preferred Choice for Children

  • Best doctor for kids
  • Top rated center for vision correction
  • Highest rated doctors for child vision care
  • Quality reviews by happy patients on Google+
  • Get your child’s vision checked at a centre near you
  • Finest services to help children see better

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