Eye Examination Procedures

There are many different eye conditions; you will need to have a detailed eye examination which could take upto 2 hours, depending on the complexity of tests required. The durations indicated below are an average.

Registration (5 minutes)

On arrival you will be asked to fill in a registration card. Please give your complete permanent address with telephone number. You will be asked to take a seat until our receptionist accompanies you to your vision test. If the patient is below 15 years, you will be taken directly to the Paediatric ophthalmology.

Vision test (10 minutes):

Every patient has a simple test to check your level of vision from an eye chart.

Refraction (10 minutes)

A refractionist will place a series of lens in front of your eyes and will ask which looks clearer. This test determines your exact eye power and determines your level of sight.

Preliminary examination (20 minutes)

An eye doctor will carry out an initial examination of your eyes, please advise the doctor of any previous medical history.

Blood pressure / Eye tension / Sugar test ( 30 minutes)

This is only for patients aged 40+, we will check your blood pressure, intraocular pressure and a urine test for diabetes. Stages 3 – 5 may happen in any order depending on the patient load.

Dilation (30 minutes)

The doctor in some cases may ask the refractionist to instil eye drops in the eye. This is to make the pupils bigger in order to get a better view of the inside of the eye. It may take 30 minutes for dilation, you will be asked to wait in the waiting room during this time. You will experience blurred vision for 2 – 3 hours following dilation.

Final examination and diagnosis (5 minutes)

After all the tests have been carried out the doctor will carry out a final examination and depending on the results you will be guided to the speciality clinics.


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