Is lasik permanent? How long does it last?

Does Lasik surgery last forever? Is it permanent? Do we need to go through the process again after some years? 

Many such questions keep revolving in our minds about Lasik. As much Lasik surgery is popular as many doubts are there about it. 

Of course, if you are undergoing Lasik surgery, doubts are common. Lasik is a costly procedure and you don’t want to waste your money. Moreover, it is the question of your eyes and you should better be ensuring about everything before going through such a procedure. 

But before knowing whether the Lasik surgery lasts forever or not, let’s understand what Lasik surgery is?

Let's breifly understand about Lasik surgery

Lasik surgery is a procedure to fix poor eye sight and enhance vision. This is an outpatient procedure and does not take more than 30 minutes to complete. Lasik is as simple as you go for an eye checkup

The surgeon numbs the area around your eyes and will tell you to focus on the point of light coming out of the machine. You will not be under anesthesia, so you can also see what is happening but could not feel anything. 

An ophthalmologist makes a cut in front of the eyes and with the help of a laser; the eye specialist reshapes the cornea to achieve 20-20 vision. This is the procedure to get clearer and correct vision. Now the question is,

Does Lasik last long?

 Now as we understand the procedure of Lasik, we come back again to our question. Does Lasik last long? Well, the answer is “yes” Lasik corrects your vision permanently. 

Once you undergo the surgery, you don’t need to worry about it. There is some myth that Lasik surgery wears off after 10 years and you have to undergo the procedure again. However, it is a myth only. You may find some blurriness in your eyes after an age. But it is a completely age-related issue and not the cons of Lasik surgery. As the person gets older, he or she can feel the result of Lasik is fading and they could not see things as clearly as before. In this case, your eye specialist suggests Lasik enhancement surgery. It is similar to Lasik surgery. But the doctor does not replace the flap instead lifts it and does certain changes on the cornea to correct the vision. This enhancement surgery is not needed in every case. Only in some cases, it is seen patient develop some vision issues. 

Hence you don’t need to worry about the short effects of Lasik and you can go through the procedure freely.

Coming to the end therapy

Achieving vision correction and living a life free from glasses or contact lenses is a dream for most people. Lasik is helping people to achieve this dream. The procedure is long-lasting and results do not fade away. 

However, before undergoing the surgery, choose an experienced eye specialist and a good hospital. Discuss properly the condition of your eyes and your eye medical history. Clear all your doubts from your doctor. This will give you and your eye specialist a detailed overview of your eye health and also be helpful to performed surgery.

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