What is Lasik enhancement surgery?

Do you know more than a million people suffered from poor eyesight in India? 

This means more than a million people wear glasses or contact lenses. According to a study, almost 200 million people wear specs in India. The number is huge. And this massive number is the reason behind the popularity of Lasik surgery.

If you wear specs, you can understand the pain of covering your eyes behind those mirrors for hours and the frustration of not seeing clearly without these visual aids. Attending a party or some fun activities with these glasses or contact lenses is a headache. Therefore people choose Lasik surgery. Lasik not only gives you freedom from these visual aids but also gives you clear and accurate vision. After Lasik surgery, you can achieve 20/20 vision that too also after some minutes of the procedure.

You may have heard Lasik is not permanent, and you have to go through the Lasik enhancement surgery again?

You must be thinking about this popular myth. Well, allow me to burst it for you. Lasik enhancement surgery is not needed in every case. This procedure is only needed in some cases. After the Lasik surgery, if the patient could not achieve the correct vision due to some reasons, your eye specialist may suggest Lasik enhancement surgery. 

Besides, as you grow older you may see blurriness in your vision even after the years of Lasik surgery. In this scenario also your eye specialist will suggest Lasik enhancement surgery.

So don’t panic. It’s a simple follow-up procedure after the Lasik to achieve vision correction. This could be needed either within the few weeks of Lasik or after the years. It’s completely depending on your eye condition and the results of the surgery.

The procedure of Lasik enhancement surgery

Lasik enhancement surgery is hassle-free, safe, and secure. It is almost similar to the procedure of Lasik. You only have to spare some minutes from your schedules and you will get your clear and accurate vision back. 

Yes, you read it correctly. This procedure is such easy. It’s almost like a regular visit to your eye specialist.

Before the procedure, you have to go through the proper eye screening test, which helps the ophthalmologist to analyze the condition of your eyes and vision. After this, the surgeon gives you a date for the surgery. 

The eye specialist will not sedate you but numbs the area around your eyes. They will make a cut with the help of a surgical blade or laser, lift the flap and reshape your cornea. They do not change the flap. The incision will heal itself with time. and you are ready to see the world without opaque vision.


You know if you need this Lasik enhancement surgery within the year of Lasik surgery, many surgeons do not even charge extra money for it. Hence it is advisable to go through the hospital terms properly before the procedure. It will save you to pay extra.

As I have concluded the Lasik enhancement procedure in brief, I hope it solves some of your queries. If you have more doubts about the Lasik enhancement surgery. You can also visit the website.

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