Do people with Glaucoma go blind?

If you or an acquaintance of yours has glaucoma, the first thought that could cross your mind is whether or not it causes blindness.

This is the most prevalent question regarding the glaucoma majority of people have. Glaucoma is the second-most dangerous eye condition in the world and a sneaky thief of vision. Therefore, having such doubts is quite legitimate.

This is the most common worry among glaucoma patients, according to an eye specialist in Gwalior. People are more afraid of glaucoma because no eye specialist can restore the lost sight from glaucoma, he further said.

But what is the reality? Do people with Glaucoma go blind?

Read on to discover the answer.

Treatment of Glaucoma

Even though there is no treatment for glaucoma that may entirely reverse this condition, doctors try to reduce eye pressure inside the eyes with medications or laser surgery.

When you are diagnosed with glaucoma, your doctor will recommend medication as your first line of treatment. You will be given eye drops and pills to decrease the pressure inside the eye by the ophthalmologist.

If pharmaceutical treatment is unsuccessful, the eye doctor may recommend laser surgery to simultaneously enhance fluid drainage and drain the surplus fluid.

How long does it take to go completely blind with Glaucoma?

Glaucoma progresses very slowly, taking years to reach an advanced stage. One of the reasons people could not discover it at an early stage was because it progresses slowly and without any pain.

If you receive treatment in a timely manner, you can prevent developing glaucoma-related blindness. With the correct care, vision loss can be slowed, stopped, or even retarded in its growth.

Delaying or forgoing therapy, however, will render you completely blind in a few years. Because of this, glaucoma treatment is extremely important. It is better to get started as soon as possible in order to get the best results.

Your odds of losing your vision increase as your glaucoma progresses. Regular eye exams are the best approach to identify glaucoma and begin treatment as soon as possible.

You should not put off getting your eyes checked regularly, especially if glaucoma runs in your family. It will assist you in recognising the early signs of glaucoma so that you can get treated at the initial stage and reduce your risk of losing your vision.


While glaucoma takes years to develop, it can leave you permanently blind. Therefore, it is crucial to start treatment promptly. You can only preserve your vision with treatment. Consult your doctor as soon as possible to begin your diagnosis.

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