When is the right time to
get Cataract Surgery?

Certain human defects are more common when age attains. After specific periods our cells will get peeled off more quickly, the defensive mechanism will get slow to react to any diseases, and we will have a low level of immunity. All these are common, and that is, certain defects are too considered standard. One such defect is cataracts and here, let us explore what cataract is and when to do cataract surgery as per the best eye specialist in Gwalior.

 What is a cataract in the eye?

 A cataract is a common eye defect that causes blurred eye vision, or the eye colour will be yellowish to see, where our actual eye lens will not be in a normal state, and that needs to be replaced soon by surgery. To describe cataracts with little detail, a person with stable eye contact will look at the object precisely like two crossed fingers will be visualized. But the person with cataracts will see the two crossed fingers as four; a blurred vision, or in some cases, they don’t even recognize the numbers.

 Reasons for cataracts to take place

 Many reasons make cataracts to takes place. Such explanations are:- 

  • Increase of age.
  • Cause of diabetes
  • High exposure to sunlight.
  • Being chain smoker
  • The high amount of blood pressure.
  • Any eye injury occurred previously.
  • Previous eye surgery.
  • Being alcoholic.

 What are the signs of Cataracts?

 The primary signs of the cataract have been listed below:-

 You will feel your eye vision as blurred or clouded vision.

During night times, the ability to see will be lowered, creating difficulty.

When the eye is exposed to light, it is exposed to sensitivity.

Fading or yellowing of colors.

In a single eye, you might suppose to experience double vision.

 These are the primary signs that we need to get experience when a person is exposed to cataracts.


When is the right time to get cataract surgery?

 It is crucial that we need to know about cataracts, where there is a specific time to undergo cataract surgery.

 Performing operation during Winter Time

 Most doctors suggest that performing operations during wintertime is the best. It is because after replacing the eye lens artificially, there is a necessity for a considerable amount of rest to make the eye healthy. So,  after operating in wintertime, due to the cool breeze, you will get enough amount of sleep that doesn’t strain your eyesight. But, if you feel more disturbance irrespective of wintertime, just go for the operation.

 Age is the major Factor

 The age factor is the major one we need to look at, whereas regarding cataracts keeping age in mind is a must-need. The maximum period that we can do a cataract operation is 70. So after 71, it is a slightly challenging one to get done with the cataract operation.

 Apart from these fundamental two factors, other factors are:-

 Undergoing operation when you are not travelling for a few months.

Undergoing operations during your holiday time is better.

Planning an operation surrounded by good caretakers is excellent.


Apart from these factors, consuming healthy foods for a required period and undergoing an operation is a good choice. Prevention is better than cure. Understand the signs that are mentioned above to get detached from cataracts.


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