5 things which make you eligible for SMILE treatment

Do your eyes have prescription lenses? Do you dislike wearing glasses?

If the answer is yes, SMILE therapy may be able to save you. It is a common way to treat myopia or shortsightedness and is another type of Lasik procedure.

The SMILE method of treatment is risk-free and very effective. The entire operation just takes 30 minutes, similar to Lasik.

The SMILE technique produces results that are almost immediately apparent, and because there is a smaller incision, there are also fewer complications.

The top eye doctor in Gwalior, renowned for offering the best eye care, recommended the SMILE procedure as one of the best alternatives to Lasik.

5 things make you eligible for SMILE treatment:

You must be older than 18 years old.

You must be older than 18 to be eligible for any type of eye surgery. It is essential because your prescription will change till you are 18 years old. The unstable prescription was unable to give you a better result. Therefore, every doctor advises waiting until age 18 or later to have eye surgery. In fact, if the need for surgery is not urgent, you should wait until you are older than 21. This will provide you with the maximum benefit.

For a year, your prescription should stay the same.

Surgery requires a stable prescription in order to proceed. An unstable prescription can cause ineffective eyesight correction. Your prescription needs to be steady for the past 12 months in order to get SMILE Lasik surgery. If you don’t have fixed eye power, you might not be a good candidate for the operation.

Your eyes’ health is very crucial.

To have the SMILE treatment, you should not have any other eye conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma, etc. In addition, your corneal topography is crucial to your eligibility for the treatment. Your eye doctor will do a thorough eye exam and evaluate your results. If all is fine only then can you get this procedure.

Your general health must be good.

Your general health must be in good shape in addition to your eyes. If you have diabetes, are pregnant, or have any other severe health conditions, you are not eligible for the surgery.

Your refractive error

Only those who are nearsighted or myopic should receive SMILE treatment. Similar to Lasik eye surgery, it does not treat all types of refractive error. Patients who have myopia between -1 and -8 diopters, astigmatism between -0.5 D, or both myopia and astigmatism below -10 diopters are suitable candidates for this operation.


The SMILE procedure is an alternative to Lasik surgery; it has its own limitations. Before electing any procedure for your eyes, you should speak with an eye professional. The eye specialist will perform a thorough eye examination and recommend the best kind of eye surgery for you based on your overall eye health.

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