5 benefits of SMILE treatment

SMILE procedure is nearly identical to Lasik eye surgery. Those who have Myopia or who are ineligible for Lasik eye surgery benefit from it the most.

In contrast to Lasik surgery, it just requires a minor incision and does not necessitate changing the flap. VisualMax femtosecond laser, a Carl Zeiss Meditec exclusive, was utilized in SMILE laser eye surgery.

According to research done to determine the efficacy of this treatment, you would get the same results with SMILE therapy as you would after Lasik surgery.

Here are the five advantages of receiving SMILE treatment:

More chances of eligibility

The eligibility requirements for SMILE treatment are less stringent than those for Lasik eye surgery. You can certainly explore alternatives if Lasik eye surgery is not right for you. Other than Lasik, smile therapy may be the most effective way to fix vision.

Reduced discomfort

You will have a very minor incision in your eyes as in this procedure the eye specialist does not replace the flap. This translates to a decreased chance of dry eyes and other complications after the procedure, which naturally causes less discomfort.

Less complexity

Small incisions and cutting-edge technology make this operation less difficult than Lasik surgery. SMILE treatment is leading the way in providing better results with the highest level of safety.

Effective treatment

The whole procedure is completed within 15 minutes with the help of a laser. This procedure results in a very little incision that is less painful. The majority of patients who have this smile surgery recover with fully corrected eyesight and unhindered vision. This technique is more efficient since it uses modern technologies.

Quick recovery

The Smile treatment also provides you with a fast recovery. While some patients need a few hours, the majority of patients get results practically immediately. After the treatment, you can resume your normal activities in a day or two.


A smile therapy is a successful method of eyesight correction. The Smile procedure can be used on those who are not ideal candidates for Lasik surgery or have near-sightedness. It offers improved results and clear vision. In fact, depending on the patient’s prescription and eye health, eye specialists may recommend SMILE therapy rather of Lasik surgery in some circumstances. Therefore, consult your eye specialist and make an informed decision before considering any operation.

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