What is the correct age to get Lasik?

Are you tired of wearing glasses or contact lenses? 

Ofcourse you are! 

But do you know you can get rid of your glasses and contact lenses with a 20 min surgery performed by ophthalmologists known as Lasik surgery?

Talking briefly about Lasik surgery, in this eye specialists reshape the cornea (the black portion) of eye to adjust the power by using laser technique. The procedure takes hardly 20-30 minutes and your vision is restored. 

But the main question is should you go for Lasik surgery right away or is there any correct age for Lasik surgery?

It’s not just you many people who are interested to go through Lasik surgery are often confused about the right age for Lasik. They wondered if they are too young or too old for the procedure. As the internet is full of all kinds of information, people are often deprived of the right knowledge and become prey to fabricated concepts. However, you are in the right place. In this article, we will talk about the best age for Lasik in detail.

The perfect age for Lasik Surgery?

If you are at the age of 25-35 and thinking to go through Lasik surgery, go and fix your appointment with the eye specialist without any second thought. You are at your best age for the procedure. According to some research conducted by prestigious institutes around the world, your vision gets stable after 25. Hence you can get the best result of the procedure. Besides, this age is also optimal because you can enjoy the benefits of Lasik for a good amount of time.

Even though Lasik is permanent and the vision does not fade in most cases. But sometimes age-related issues cause some blurriness in the lenses. That is the reason the mid-twenties is considered an ideal age for Lasik.

Are you over 40?

Fortunately, it is never too late to undergo Lasik. There is no age limit for Lasik and you can have it at the age of 40 also. Nonetheless, as you grow older your lenses become a little stiffer and made the surgery a little complicated. 

Apart from this, some people also developed cataracts and presbyopia (the age-related issue where you are not able to read or focus on a near object without glasses). In this scenario, your doctor will suggest you different procedure. However, if you do not have any medical issues, you are good to go for Lasik.


Now, you must have a better idea about the best age for Lasik. I hope I have burst all the bubbles of myth you have prior. Though age is not only the one factor to makes you the right candidate for Lasik, you have to go through a proper eye screening test. It will analyze your eye condition and give you the exact idea of whether you can get Lasik surgery or not. So book your appointment with your eye specialist and get freedom of those visual aids.

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