What is The best test for Glaucoma.

Glaucoma is a kind of eye disease that often develops itself without any warning signs or symptoms. It is only after years of the disease that you become aware of it when your eyesight becomes foggy or unclear.

If you know something about eye diseases, you’re probably aware that glaucoma is the leading cause of blindness worldwide. The reason for this is that glaucoma-induced vision loss cannot be reversed with any treatment.

As a result, regular eye examinations are frequently recommended by the eye specialists in Gwalior and elsewhere. Because it aids in the early detection of disease which helps you to receive treatment sooner.

The procedure of Lasik enhancement surgery

Lasik enhancement surgery is hassle-free, safe, and secure. It is almost similar to the procedure of Lasik. You only have to spare some minutes from your schedules and you will get your clear and accurate vision back. 

Yes, you read it correctly. This procedure is such easy. It’s almost like a regular visit to your eye specialist.

Before the procedure, you have to go through the proper eye screening test, which helps the ophthalmologist to analyze the condition of your eyes and vision. After this, the surgeon gives you a date for the surgery. 

The eye specialist will not sedate you but numbs the area around your eyes. They will make a cut with the help of a surgical blade or laser, lift the flap and reshape your cornea. They do not change the flap. The incision will heal itself with time. and you are ready to see the world without opaque vision.

Best Test for the Glaucoma

Glaucoma is diagnosed using a total of five tests. If your eye doctor sees the symptoms of Glaucoma during routine eye exams, they may recommend that you undergo a Glaucoma eye test.

Let’s have a look at the glaucoma test in a brief:


The inner pressure of the eye is measured with this test. This test makes use of an equipment known as tonometry. The doctor numbs the eye with eye drops, then applies pressure to your eyes with a tiny instrument or a warm puff of air.

Every person’s ocular pressure is different, and it aids in measuring the pressure that causes glaucoma.


This test is performed to determine whether or not the optic nerve has been damaged. The doctor will use an eye drop to dilate your pupil and inspect the shape and color of your optic nerve thoroughly. If the optic nerve does not appear normal or if unusual things are discovered during the exam, the eye doctor may order another Glaucoma test to further assess the condition of glaucoma.


This test is used to determine whether or not your vision has been affected by Glaucoma. You will be requested to look straight at the point of light by the doctor. This point of light appears in various parts of your peripheral vision. It helps the doctor in creating a map of your eyesight and determining the blind spot.


The purpose of this test is to determine which type of glaucoma you have. The doctor will use an eye drop to numb your eyes and assess if the angle between your iris and cornea is closed and blocked or open and wide with the help of hand-held contact lens.


This test is performed to determine how thick your cornea is. Pachymetry is a device that is placed in front of your eyes to determine the thickness of your cornea, which can alter your eye pressure. This is a simple and painless exam.


Glaucoma is a complex disease to diagnose. The disease’s severity necessitates a thorough examination of the situation. To diagnose Glaucoma, the doctor must do a detailed check. All of these tests help the eye expert in determining your Glaucoma’s increased eye pressure, thickness, and damage to the optic nerve. The eye doctor will recommend the appropriate treatment to lower your eye pressure and treat Glaucoma based on the results of the examination.

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