Bladeless Lasik

Bladeless LASIK, also known as all-laser LASIK, is a more advanced variant of the classic LASIK procedure in which a femtosecond laser, rather than a blade, is used to generate the corneal flap.

iLasik is an all-laser vision correction procedure that uses proprietary technology to measure the unique imperfections of your eye and provide a completely customized correction for excellent vision.

Three Steps To The iLASIK Procedure :
Step One: Creating Your Eye Map
Step Two: Preparing Your Eye >
Step Three: Delivering Your Personalized Treatment

Creating Your Eye Map

A detailed 3-D map of the unique visual imperfections of your eye is created using wavefront eye-mapping technology.
25x more precise than the measurements used to write a standard prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses*

Preparing Your Eye : >
After numbing your eyes, the doctor will use a special instrument to prepare your cornea for reshaping.
An ultra-fast laser creates a thin flap to prepare your cornea for your personalized wavefront vision correction.

Delivering Your Personalized Treatment :

Once the LASIK flap has been created, a second ultra-precise laser is used to make the actual correction by gently reshaping the cornea to the desired curvature based on your unique 3-D wavefront map.

The iFS Femtosecond Laser:

100% blade-free approach to creating the corneal flap, allows your doctor to tailor the flap based on what’s best for your eye.
3x stronger than flaps created with a blade.5 Fewer flap-related complications compared to blade.

The STAR S4 IR Excimer Laser:

Gently reshapes the cornea based on the digital information from your personalized wavefront-guided eye map.
Includes advanced technology: Follows the tiny motions of your eye, repositioning the laser to ensure precision. Verifies correct patient and eye to be treated and improves accuracy of treatment placement

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