What is Lasik Eye Surgery?

We all know that Lasik is a spects removal procedure so that you need to wear your contact lens and glasses ever in your life.

LASIK is a procedure that we do with a laser in which we do ablation of a cornea. The black portion of the eye is known as the cornea, so surgeons reshape the cornea, and when they reshape they remove the power and that is how spectacles are removed.


Many people’s lives have been revolutionised by advanced LASIK vision correction, which has freed them from glasses and contact lenses, including Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan, supermodel Cindy Crawford, golfer Tiger Woods, politicians, and industrialists, as well as millions of ordinary individuals. NASA has now certified Laser Vision Correction for use on Astronauts, Army, Navy, and Pilots in the United States, demonstrating its safety. Dr. V. K. Mentor Prof. Ioannis Pallikaris performed the first ever LASIK treatment. With over 25 years of experience and over one million joyful eyes, we are India’s Laser Vision Correction pioneers.

What Are the Benefits of Laser Eye Surgery?

Lasik Imagine being able to see clearly from the time you wake up in the morning! Once you’ve had your vision corrected, you’ll be able to see and experience all of life’s possibilities. Your life will be transformed with laser refractive eye surgery. Laser eye surgery can help you get rid of your glasses or contact lenses, whether you’re farsighted, nearsighted, or have astigmatism. Your natural vision will be restored after a vision correction surgery. It is truly fairly simple to achieve the independence and security you desire. In most circumstances, laser vision correction is a painless treatment that takes only a few minutes and involves about 60 seconds of laser time per eye.

Lasik Procedure

Laser in-situ keratomileusis, or Lasik, is an abbreviation for laser in-situ keratomileusis. In refractive surgery, Lasik is the gold standard. It is a very common method for laser vision correction since it is painless, safe, and results in a speedier recovery of eyesight.
The patient is prepared for the surgery with anaesthetic and antibiotic eye drops, making the eye numb and sterile for the laser procedure, after qualifying the eyes with a pre Lasik evaluation and informed consent for the procedure. A tiny corneal flap is created with a Microkeratome or a Femtosecond laser hand-piece, which remains hinged throughout the treatment.



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LASIK eye surgery that is performed in Ratan Jyoti Netralaya, Gwalior is completely safe, precise and reliable. Dr. Purendra Bhasin has talked about this in detail in the above video. If you haven’t watched it then please watch and you will be asured.

The surgery of Lasik takes 15-20 minutes and your vision is restored.

Fear is one biggest reason why people don’t get Lasik eye surgery. People think that if their eye is operated then they may lose their vision. But, that’s not true, our advanced technology of Ratan Jyoti Netralaya and experinced surgeon can assure you that you get you vision corrected.

Infact our surgeons never faced issue of blindness on their entire journey as a surgeon.

The chances of going blind due to LASIK surgery is one in million. Our expert surgens never faced issue of blindness in their entire journey as a surgeon. So don’t worry about it and let Ratan Jyoti Netalaya’s surgeons take over all your pain.

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