Is Lasik surgery safe for diabetic persons?

Diabetes is becoming a very common problem nowadays. Millions of people are affected by diabetes all over the world. The eating habits of people are affecting them badly in recent years. People are consuming junk food more than ever. This is causing obesity and high cholesterol among people. Which are the important factors of diabetes. Whether you are in your twenties or late forties, diabetes is affecting everyone. It is also achieved the status of a potential epidemic.

People with diabetes are often requested for Lasik surgery to remove glasses and achieved vision correction. 

But the question ‘can diabetics get Lasik surgery?’ 

Well, Lasik surgery is not considered good for diabetic patients and answer will always be no from the eye specialist or ophthalmologist. Diabetic patient blood sugar is not stable. Hence they were not considered a good candidate for Lasik. However, this opinion is more based on theoretical knowledge than practical. With the latest technology and modern equipment, even diabetic patient also goes for Lasik surgery. Nonetheless, there are certain things you have to consider before going for Lasik surgery.

Why can’t diabetics get Lasik surgery?

People with diabetes have fluctuating blood sugar levels, this makes the eye prescription also fluctuate. If the vision is not stable, the doctor could not plan the proper reading of the vision and a person will not be able to achieve the correct vision after Lasik. 

Besides the diabetic person also need to evaluate their retinal diabetic changes annually. In case of any changes in the retina, Lasik is not recommended. As diabetic retinopathy can affect the quality of vision and the Lasik surgery ended as a failure for such people. Another problem with diabetic people is slow healing. It takes a long time for diabetic people to heal with injury than normal people. In Lasik surgery, the longer healing of the cornea can also cause infection and other eye problems.

Points to consider before opting for Lasik for a diabetic person.

Despite many hurdles, diabetics can also go through Lasik surgery. There are some things your eye specialist needs to evaluate before the procedure.

  • No fluctuation in your prescription in the past 2-3 years.
  • Complete eye screening to know the thickness of cornea, muscles balance, and dry eyes.
  • Healthy optic nerve and normal eye pressure are very important.
  • No sign of diabetic retinopathy. A person with diabetic retinopathy cannot go for Lasik surgery.
  • Control sugar level.
  • Free from all types of diabetic body problems such as neuropathy, heart disease, etc.


People with diabetes can also get rid of glasses or contact lenses with the help of Lasik. They are not completely out of the suitable candidate list. The only thing is they have to go through a more rigorous eye screening process. A person with stable blood sugar and without any diabetic complications can easily qualify for Lasik surgery. If you want to achieve 20-20 vision and a life free from glasses, just control your diabetes and consult your eye specialist for detailed guidance.

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