Is Lasik surgery covered by insurance?

Lasik eye surgery helps you to see clearly without glasses or contact lenses. The main aim to perform this surgery is to achieve lasting vision correction and treat myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. Lasik surgery is an outpatient procedure and it does not take long hours to complete. Once the procedure is done the patient can go back home the very day and resume the daily activities after some hours of the surgery. Lasik has no side effects and it involves no risk at all. There are many misapprehensions created around it but Lasik is absolutely safe.

Lasik is a quite popular procedure but the average cost of Lasik surgery is a little high. This is the reason many people think twice before opting for this surgery.

Insurance for Lasik surgery

Health insurance generally covered medical emergencies and as medical expenses are very high in the country, having health insurance is quite necessary nowadays. However, Lasik is considering an elective procedure. Because the glasses or contact lenses can also help in achieving vision correction and Lasik surgery is not a medical emergency. In fact, Lasik surgery is considered cosmetic surgery. Therefore not all insurance covered the cost of Lasik surgery. You have to pay from your savings for the procedure.

 However, the good news is some insurance providers start covering the cost of Lasik surgery in the mediclaim policy. Even though there are only a few companies currently covering the cost of Lasik. It is advisable to go through all the terms and conditions before buying any insurance policy.

Terms and conditions to claim insurance for Lasik eye surgery:

As we discussed some companies start covering Lasik surgery under insurance cover.  We also need to know the points they consider to validate your claim. According to our research on leading insurance providers here are some main points on the basis insurance provider decide to approve your claim:

  • Lasik surgery is required due to some refractive error caused by an accident or injury.
  • If there is an issue in the eye caused by another surgery.
  • The refractive error is served and surgery is the only treatment.
  • The person is not able to wear glasses due to some physical deformity and experiencing constant ache.

So, as you see you can only claim insurance for Lasik surgery in the serve condition or in case of injury caused by accident. But if you are opting for surgery only to get rid of glasses or contact lenses, you can not claim the insurance. In this scenario, you have to bear all the expenses of the procedure in your pocket. Therefore it is advisable to understand all the points before choosing the insurance.


Insurance for Lasik surgery is available in India but there are some criteria you have to pass to claim the insurance. And if you are not fit these criteria, you have to wear the cost by yourself. Due to the limitation, it is good to go through the policy thoroughly before buying the plan.

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