5 things you must learn before Lasik surgery.

Lasik is the most common surgery to treat myopia, hyperopia and refractive error. It helps you to get rid of spectacles and contact lenses and of course gives you a life free from the visual aids.

This is what makes surgery quite popular among people. If you have eye power and you are looking for a permanent solution, Lasik could be your saviour. Trust me the procedure will change your life.

You could see the world with a clear vision which you might think was a dream for you before Lasik surgery. It has done wonders for millions of people and you could be the next.

But before jumping into ecstasy and starting dreaming about life without eyewear, you need to learn 5 important things about Lasik surgery.

So let’s get started.


MS, MAMS, Fellowship at Aravind Eye Hospital in Anterior Segment Microsurgery and Intra-ocular lens implantation.

Fellowship in ILADEVI CATARACT & IOL INSTITUTE under Dr. Abhay R. Vasavada, Ahmadabad.
Started Ratan Jyoti Netralaya in Gwalior on 21st April 1996.

A new setup was later started as Ratan Jyoti Netralaya, Ophthalmic Institute & Reseach Centre, Gwalior, inaugurated by former President of India, Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam on 15th March 2008.

First to start LASIK LASER surgery including Femto Second Laser & C3R treatment for Keratoconus and Corneal ectasia in M.P.

1. Research about surgeon

The surgeon you choose will almost certainly determine the success of your Lasik procedure. You will receive a favourable outcome if you choose a surgeon with a good experience. When considering Lasik surgery, always go with a qualified surgeon. After all, it’s your eyes that you’re dealing with, and you shouldn’t take any chances with them. Therefore, do your homework and choose the most qualified and experienced eye doctor.

2. Go through the proper eye exam

Following your selection of a surgeon, you must undergo a thorough eye examination to determine your eye health and whether you are a good candidate for Lasik surgery. If you are not a good candidate for Lasik, your eye doctor may offer another procedure. Besides, It might be possible your eye specialist told you not to take any surgery, in case your eyes are not suitable for any procedures.

3. Manage your finance

It is the most important thing you should take care of. Lasik is an expensive procedure that is not covered by insurance. As a result, you must plan your finances properly. You should inquire at various hospitals or compile a list of the top five surgeons and get a quote from them. Then you can make a selection based on your financial situation.

4. Follow the instruction of your eye specialist

Your eye doctor will provide you with some instructions to follow before the surgery if you pass the eye exam and are a good candidate for Lasik. To get good results, you must apply them correctly. For example, he may prescribe an eye drop and advise you not to wear contact lenses, etc.

5. Learn about the post recovery

Post recovery is equally important and necessary, you need to learn everything about it so that your eyes can heal better. Even though your doctor will give you all the instructions, you can also ask your doubts in depth. Aftercare is quite important and you should better be vigilant about it.


Lasik surgery is the most popular procedure, but it comes with its own set of risks, which you should discuss with your doctor before undergoing the procedure. Following surgery, you may experience dryness, itching, or discomfort. Although they are not long-term consequences, you should be aware of them in order to avoid any future difficulties.

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