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Swami Vidyanand Bharti Eye Bank

Swami Vidyanand Bharti Eye Bank, was established in the year 2010, under Ratan Jyoti Charitable Foundation, with the main objective of creating awareness about eye donation and giving the Gift of Sight to those for whom corneal transplant is the only hope among the dark lives through donation of eyes pledged by the benevolent donors during their life time. The Eye Bank is an active Member of the Eye Bank Association of india and also accredited by the Madhya Pradesh Government, Directorate of Health Services to collect, process, distribute corneas and do corneal transplantation. It is provided with all the latest equipment for eye banking as per international standards of eye banking. [Please call Swami Vidyanand Bharti eye bank, Ratan Jyoti Netralaya, Gwalior at 9111004044(Call for eye donation) as eyes have to be removed within six hours after death]

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